About Lekotti

Lekotti Vacation Club is a small and comfortable tourist village was developed near the slopes of Lekotimaki.

Since its opening 30 years ago Lekotti has drawn skiers from all over region. In the past several years Lekotti is being developed as the center of tourism life and sports activities in the Local District of Savonranta. It builds its popularity as a versatile and year-round destination. 

Savonranta belongs to municipality of Savonlinna and it is located in the heart of Saimaa – the great natural beauty. Favorable climate, picturesque shorelines, highland ridges, and greenery all combine to create great environment for leisure.

Savonranta is a local district with a population a little over 1200 inhabitants, known for their hospitality and friendliness. The diversity of region is based on good service, numerous leisure-time activities, the developing of the local economic life, and the development-focused activeness of the local council. Tourism is vital sphere for economic activity in Savonranta and Savonlinna, and this can be seen in the everyday life of the area. Thousands of tourists visit the region every year.