IBU World Championships Biathlon 2015

IBU World Championships Biathlon 2015 will take place on March 4–15 at Kontiolahti, Finland. Once again, you are welcome to eastern part of Finland.

Kontiolahti Stadium is located 15 km north from Joensuu. Over the years, it has hosted several top class events in biathlon and cross-country skiing, in winter and summer.

Tickets for entire BWCH, week tickets (week 1/week2) and day tickets are available via Lippupalvelu. It is also possible to purchase tickets at Carelicum in the center of Joensuu with following opening times: Mon–Fri 9–17, Sat 10–15.

For more information: kontiolahtibiathlon.com 

The opening ceremony for IBU World Championships Biathlon 2015 will be held at Joensuu marketplace on Wednesday, the 4th of March starting at 8:15 p.m. In addition to a parade by the participating teams and official speeches the will be an emotional show performance where dancers, air acrobats, light, fire, music and videos will join their forces to present the biathletes’ journey from start to finish. The show will include feelings from preparing for the competitions to the adrenaline-filled event itself and the euphoria-like feeling that follows a victory. The lighting of the whole marketplace area will showcase the feelings seen in the performance. It is sure to be a performance to remember.

Joensuu marketplace will be one of the most central spots during the World Championships. In addition to hosting the opening ceremony and award ceremonies there will be an info stall, a ticket stall and it is also the spot from where bus rides to Kontiolahti biathlon stadium leave. The buses leave non-stop every five minutes on the days when there are competitions, which makes it easy to get from the marketplace to the stadium and back.

In addition, a high, circle-shaped truss will be built at the marketplace with screens on top of it to provide information and emotions from the competitions.

The marketplace will also boast a skating rink that gives the visitors a chance to try their ice skating skills. A traditional fair will be held from Thursday to Friday (5th to 6th of March), which offers a great chance to buy souvenirs. In the park next to the marketplace snow sculptures, created by students of Culture and Technology in North Karelia College, will be showcased.

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