The conditions and responsibilities of the Guest (Tenant) and Lekotti Vacation Club (the Lessor) in providing a short-term rent of cottages are regulated by the Finnish law. By placing a reservation of a cottage at Lekotti Vacation Club (hereinafter referred to as the Lekotti), the Tenant is deemed to have been accepted and agreed to comply with the present Rules of rent and stay.


  1. Standard check-in time at the cottages, located in the Lekotti territory is from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., if other terms were not agreed on booking.
  2. In case the stay is paid in advance, the Guest can make a call for the number of his cottage in advance (on the day of arrival) and proceed directly to the cottage.
  3. In case the stay is not paid (or not fully paid), the Guest shall notify the Administrator in advance on approximate time of his/her arrival. The administrator will meet the guests at the registration desk. After the stay is paid in full on check-in, the Administrator will show the guests to the cottage.
  4. If the booking is not paid and the Guest is checking-in outside of working hours (after 7 p.m.), an additional service fee may be charged for the waiting period. In case of a night checking-in a night service fee will be charged.
  5. In casе the number of guests on arrival exceeds the number of guests that was stated in the booking form, the Lekotti administration shall have the right to charge payment for additional beds or refuse to rent the cottage, without returning the paid funds.
  6. In case the number of guests on arrival exceeds the number the cottage can accommodate (up to eight adults in villas, up to four adults in cottages), the Lekotti administrator shall have the right to refuse to rent, without returning the paid funds.
  7. Right after checking-in the guests are advised to inspect the cottage. If any shortcomings are revealed, one is advised to inform Lekotti’s Administrator immediately. Claims to the initial state of the cottage will not be considered, if reported 24 hours after checking--in time.
  8. All houses are equipped with kitchen and household appliances, furniture, bedding (blankets and pillows), as well as a set of dishes for basic purposes, and have the necessary consumables (toilet paper, paper towels, dishwasher tablets), designed for a short-term stay. In the event that the initial quantity is not sufficient, the Guest shall replenish the necessary amounts of consumables in accordance with his/her needs on its own.
  9. All issues related to the use of household appliances and equipment, supplies and accessories in a cottage or villa, rental of equipment, and leisure activities should be addressed to the Administrator via phone or in person during the business hours from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  10. Communication with the Administrator outside of working hours is only allowed in case of emergency: power or water supply problems, alarms working, emergencies and other situations related to the safety of the life and health of the guests and the integrity of the Lekotti property.
  11. Please, note that the Administrator is not present on the Lekotti territory all the time.


  1. Normal check-out time from the Lekotti cottages is no later than 12 p.m., in case other was not agreed on booking.
  2. The Guest shall inform the Administrator of the time of his planned departure in advance. The Administrator shall have the right to visit the house for formal inspection. In case of cleaning deficiencies, the Guest shall fix them on his/her own or pay the cleaning fee in accordance with the tariff.
    NOTE: In case you are doing the final cleaning yourself do not forget to reserve sufficient time for it before you leave the cottage or villa.
  3. Additionally rented equipment (bicycles, barbecues, etc.) should be returned in fine condition before departure.
  4. Before leaving, the Guest must clean the place (see the "Cleaning" section) and leave the house in a neat condition: to wash the dishes (and unload a dishwasher), take the trash out, place furniture and household appliances at their original locations.
  5. If the house is left in a particularly untidy condition or is not cleaned before checking-out, the Lekotti Administrator shall have the right to charge the Guest for final or intensive cleaning (see the "Cleaning" section), including post-invoicing.


  1. Bed linen and towels are not included into the cost of stay, but can be rented for an additional fee.
  2. Sets of bed linen and towels can be ordered in advance while booking or during checking-in to the cottage. Guests can also use their own bed linen.
  3. All the guests should have their bed sets (sheets, duvets and pillowcases) during the period of stay. It is not allowed to stay in Lekotti cottages without bed linen. The case of failure to use bed linen, is a subject to penalty or refusal of the Lekotti to continue rent, without returning of the paid funds.
  4. In the case of long-term stays (7 nights and more), replacement of the used sets for bed linen can be provided (for an additional fee).


  1. Pets are not allowed in Lekotti cottages and villas.
  2. Bringing in any unauthorized pets entail a penalty in the amount of intensive cleaning, and suspension of the rent, without returning the paid funds.


  1. The Guest moves in a clean and neat cottage, when the Guest leaves the property must be left in clean and repaired condition, with the exception of reasonable wear and tear.
  2. The Guest is responsible to maintain the cottage or villa in clean condition throughout the period of stay.
  3. The Guest is also responsible to respect the property all over Lekotti, pick up and dispose waste after oneself at public places (Café, Rope Park and Alpine Center, the beach area, the children's playground), to maintain the additional rented or used structures and facilities (grill house), as well as equipment and supplies (grills and accessories, boats, bicycles, etc.) in clean and fine condition.
  4. The Guest is responsible to make the final cleaning before departure. In the case of long-term stay (14 nights and more), the Guest is required make interim complete cleaning at least once every two weeks. The cleaning instructions and all the necessary appliances for cleaning are available in each house.
  5. The Guest may order a complete final or interim cleaning for an additional fee.
  6. In the event that the house is heavily stained (persistent stains and soiling, stains on equipment, furniture or textiles, burned residues on the stove or in the microwave, organic waste or products in difficult-to-reach areas, smoke smells or other strong smells, etc.), the Guest may be charged an extra fee for the intensive cleaning. Complete cleaning shall not be paid separately in this case.


  1. All Lekotti properties are located in the natural forest site, therefore the waste collection point is situated in designated area, at the entry into the territory.
  2. The Guest is required to sort waste and bring the garbage and non-organic waste into special garbage containers, organic wastes should be stored in appropriate containers (special bags/biodegradable bags for organic wastes can be found in each house).


  1. Inside the houses, is totally forbidden to:
    • smoke, wear outdoor footwear, burn candles (including aromatic candles);
    • use grills on wooden terraces and in the close proximity to the houses;
    • leave electrical appliances and water unattended;
    • use a dryer and a sauna other than their direct purpose (including the drying of mushrooms/berries);
    • move dishes, furniture and other property between houses;
    • clean up any fluid (water, juice, etc.) with vacuum cleaner;
    • cause damage to the property of cottages and villas.
  2. On the territory of the Lekotti it is prohibited:
    • to cause damage to buildings, street furniture, elements of the playground, as well as greenery; to cause damage to the existing natural landscape, etc.;
    • to make fires, leave unattended grills next to the houses and public areas;
    • to make noises and switch on loud music (also in cars), to make fireworks or other pyro-explosives, disrupt the personal space and comfort of other tenants;
    • to enter the other houses without invitation, to look into the windows, to take sports and recreation inventory (as well as any other items) left in close proximity to other houses without permission;
    • to scale and gutting fish in public outdoor sheds and tables;
    • to dump/pour wastes in the street and into the forest; to leave garbage undisposed;
    • to wash motor vehicles;
    • to dig worms for fishing; to chop trees and branches.
  3. Movement around the territory:
    • The Lekotti territory allows movement in a vehicle or any other motor vehicle at a speed of no more than 5 km/h.
    • It is forbidden to move along the walking or skiing paths by car or any other motor vehicle.


  1. Lekotti is doing its best to create the most favorable conditions for its guests. We take seriously the issue of keeping all properties, cottages and territories in fine condition. However, our efforts can be easily destroyed by the negligent attitude of the guests and visitors; the Guest should therefore take into account that he/she and his/her companions are responsible for the preservation, cleanliness and condition of the property and surrounding territory during the entire period of stay.
  2. The damage to the property of the Lekotti (other than normal wear and tear) or the property of third parties caused by the Guest must be reimbursed in full. In the event that damage costs cannot be estimated immediately, the expertise will be done by an independent agent. Based on the estimation report, the Guest will be invoiced within 3-4 working days.
  3. In case of any damage caused to any equipment/appliances or other damage to the property (including construction elements of the house, plumbing, furniture, dishes) during the period of stay, the Guest should report the case to the Lekotti Administrator immediately (during working hours). Subject to normal operation and timely reporting, the Guest shall not bear responsibility for the breakage.
  4. In the event that the damage resulted from vandalism, hooliganism, misuse, mismanagement or improper handling of property, the Guest shall bear responsibility for the damage and is subject to unconditional full compensation.
  5. In case of concealment of the damage caused by the guests, the Lekotti Administrator shall have the right to recover the damage from the Guest ex post facto, including a penalty invoiced for the concealment of damage.
  6. Please, report all cases of problems and difficulties that Lekotti staff were unable to resolve promptly to the specially designated e-mail our General Manager checks regularly:
  7. Lekotti believes that all conflicts can be settled through negotiations. In special cases, the claims shall be settled via the local judicial authority of the Savonlinna region, in accordance with the Finnish law.


  1. Additional services and charges:
  2. Amounts of additional services and charges (valid from 01.01.2018)

    Rental of bed linen and towels 12 €/чел.
    Replacement of the used bed linen and towels to a clean set 8 €/чел./нед.
    Final cleaning of the villa 100 €
    Interim cleaning of the villa 50 €
    Final cleaning of the cottage 70 €
    Interim cleaning of the cottage 40 €
    Intensive cleaning (regardless of the type of house) 300 €
    Service fee (meeting you after 7 p.m.) 20 €
    Night service fee (meeting after 12 a.m.) 40 €
  3. Penalties:
  4. Amounts of penalties (valid from 01.01.2018)

    Penalty for concealment of damage 200 €
    Penalty for any other violation of the Rules of stay 150 €
  5. The Guest is responsible to pay all additional paid services, penalties and charged amounts immediately, at the first request of the Lekotti.
  6. Invoices for additional paid services, penalties and charged amounts for material damage incurred by the Guest, made after his departure from the Lekotti are payable within 3 (three) working days from the invoicing day.
  7. In the event of a breach of the above regulations, Lekotti shall have the right to refuse the Guest in his/her stay, without returning the paid funds.