Kerimäki Church

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Kerimäki Church is known as the largest wooden church in the world- It is also has the religious building in Finland. Its overall capacity exceeds 5000 people.

It has been rumored that the size of the church was the result of a miscalculation when it was built (supposedly the architect was working in centimeters, which the builder misunderstood to be inches, which are 2.54 times larger).

The townsfolk had to take part in the building according to their income bracket. Every man aged between 15 and 60 was obliged to participate in the building. The church was completed in three years. The church of Kerimäki is a miracle of its own time, a masterpiece of carpentry with its pews, columns, galleries, tie-beams, arches, domes and lanterns.

The altarpiece was painted by Aleksandra Såltin in 1890. The church cannot be heated and therefore it is only used in the summer for religious services, weddings, festivals and concerts. Early on Christmas morning the parishioners gather in the cold church, which is lit by hundreds of candles and thus filled with a warm atmosphere.

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