Arts and creafts museum The Putikko Esate

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The Putikko Estate (Putikkon Hovi) having the area of 12,8 hectares is located in the South-East of Finland in a picturesque, ecologically clean place Putikko, on the way between Imatra (80 km) and Savonlinna (40 km), on the bank of the river running into Saimaa.

The estate was founded in XVIII century. The age-old premises with the total area exceeding 1600 m2 are occupied by a museum exposition which includes items of Finnish everyday life, weapons, house utensils and tools of XIX-XX centuries, and an exhibition of arts and crafts along with paintings of modern Finnish masters. There is a waterfall on the territory that was built in   XVIII century and still functioning.Выставка работает с 1 июня по 15 сентября, каждый день без выходных.

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